Global payroll.
Wherever you go.

Celergo merges comprehensive service in
150+ countries with payroll cloud

The result: many different countries look and
feel like one.

And compliance is guaranteed!


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Global Payroll

We have the only fully-managed, well-organized process in the global payroll industry.

Our Services

More countries than any other provider

We do payroll in more than 150 countries. From 4 regional service centers.

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Tech-powered for simplicity

CelergoGlobalConnect™ makes every country look and feel like just one.

Our Solution

Integration with HCM & financial systems

CelergoGlobalConnect™ was created with years of integration experience and all the major HCM systems in mind.

Our Partners

Compliance guaranteed

Celergo will guarantee your regulatory and privacy requirements are always met.

Our Guarantee

Our team

A single point of contact for day-to-day communications makes Celergo stand out in the global payroll industry.

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Get global payroll alerts and news.

So many countries. So many regulations. So many changes to laws and rules.
How do you stay current with current trends in global payroll?
Worry no more! Sign up for Celergo’s Global Payroll Alerts and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear breaking news. And as a gift for signing up – we’ll even send you our no-spam quarterly update.

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