The goal is to minimize the risk when it comes to Global Payroll and  the challenges involved in paying local employees, as well as expatriated employees and offshore can be daunting…Learn More


Celergo supports one interface in for all countries and one interface out for GLs, all through FTP and hands-off processes. Celergo’s payroll consolidation platform is web-enabled …Learn More


Celergo is one of the only companies that will accept the liability globally for payroll compliance all the way to the submission of local statutory documents in country..Learn More


In the payroll world, the calendar is your frenemy.  You know what I mean – all of us meticulous individuals who do not actually count workdays by Monday through Friday,.. Learn More

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Time to Comply?

  • November 13th, 2014

Previous Published in Purely Payroll – October 2014 When we express contentment with a process, […]