Are You Buying Without Trying?

As the holiday season is upon us, we are out looking for the “best” buys for everyone on our list. Often as we shop, we are enticed to try products, a chocolate truffle from the counter, a swanky sweater, the latest toy out on display. Our confidence that indeed this is the right product for us increases dramatically after we have the opportunity to experience the amazing taste, the style of the fit or the excitement of maneuvering the cool remote control helicopter.

So why not apply the same concept in everyday business purchasing? While trying before you buy may not always be possible, in almost every case there is a way to increase your confidence and ultimately your success by starting out small and building into a bigger partnership. With complex purchases that span multiple regions, products or services, this approach, can allow you to learn valuable lessons about what works and what does not and how to improve future installations. It also decreases the risk of being locked into a long-term contract with a partner that is not meeting expectations. You can always add additional scope in the future as you build a mutually beneficial relationship. Typically, good partners will give you the same long-term discounts after the model has been proven, and additional business is awarded.

Increase success, decrease risk, and improve the process by trying before committing to large, long term contracts. Ensure that chocolate is extra sweet, the sweater makes you look suave, and the remote control helicopter actually lifts off.

Happy Holidays!

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