Webinar Maps Solutions for Global Compliance Risks

Michele Honomichl and Kira Rubiano led their audience through an overview of the factors that take global payroll beyond the local country. We invite you to read the article and listen to the webinar.
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Installment #2: South African Wines By Eva Kolasinski Goats Do Roam. When I first saw these three words on a wine label, I giggled. Yes, goats do roam and what a fun pun. Humor is usually rare in the world of wine. I confess I bought the bottle due to the label, plus it was well-priced. The wine was delicious. It left me Beh-Beh-Beh-Beh-gging for more! I did more research on this clever wine maker, Mr. Charles Back of the Fairview winery located in the Cape area of South Africa, who also makes Bored Doe and the Goat Father. Now perhaps these wine jokes are only funny to wine nerds, but I was hooked, and I do not see this as a slam, by any means, to Cotes du Rhone or Bordeaux. I believe, in fact, that it is the utmost compliment. When the French protested, at the similarity of the names, Mr. Back counter-protested with a herd of goats outside the French embassy. You see, the goats are real at the winery. There are over 1000 of them roaming in their pen and goat tower and supply milk for yummy cheeses to enjoy with the wine. The world of wine is fascinating and being lucky enough to work in a global company, Celergo Global Payroll, provides me the distinct pleasure of trying the local wines of the countries I visit. South Africa was a treat. Although I was not surprised that South Africa has been making wines for nearly 400 years (started by Dutch settlers and then perfected by the French Huguenots), […]
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Turkey Updates Data Privacy Regulations – Employers Take Note!

Celergo would like to make you aware of a recent legislation change, in Turkey, related to Data Protection – Law No 6698 Protection of Personal Data (Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu, hereafter: KVKK), published on 07.04.2016 and 29677 numbered Turkish Official Gazette. The law states, personal data is defined as any identifiable information of real persons. According to Article 5 of KVKK natural and legal persons cannot share and process personal data with third parties without the explicit consent of the person. In some conditions, mentioned in Article 5 Paragraph 2, it is possible to share and process personal information (PI). These conditions are: a) Clearly provided by law. b) If it is impossible for the person to give his/ her explicit permission to share his PI with third parties for example in case of no legal capacity (incapable) to protect his life or physical integrity. c) When it is needed for the establishment or performance of a contract to process PI. d) If processing PI is needed to fulfill the legal obligations. e) If the PI is made public by the person self. f) If processing PI is necessary for using or protection of a right. g) If processing PI is needed for the legitimate interest of the person or legal entity who is responsible for the data without violating the fundamental rights and the freedom of the persons. If the person gives explicit permission for sharing and processing his/her PI or if sharing and processing personal data are necessary for activities (payroll), this article gives you the right to share PI with third parties. Celergo recommends that in light of this regulation you prepare a formal document with a request for explicit consent, which the employees can sign, that they accept the […]
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What Is Name Day and How Does It Affect Global Payroll

Do you know your name day? Mine is Christmas Eve. Being born in Poland, the custom is to celebrate one’s name day, imieniny in Polish, more widely even than celebrating one’s birthday. Although Christmas is not about presents, as a child I always felt a bit ‘gipped’ since my celebration was combined with the holiday. I know how people in the States feel celebrating birthdays close to Christmas! Imieniny are wonderful celebrations and a great reason to gather and socialize with friends and family. It is a day to celebrate your name (not just a reminder of your age!) with gifts, flowers, chocolates or just a thoughtful acknowledgment within your home or workplace. Poland is not the only country that celebrates name days. Most countries across Europe and Latin America also celebrate them. By way of history, a name day is also known as a feast day. If you are named after a particular saint, you celebrate the feast day of that saint. Your saint’s feast day is your name day, based on the Christian calendar of saints. A saint can also be a patron of a place or activity as well as a person. In some countries, the feast day of a town’s patron saint is a celebration for the entire town. The whole town has a holiday. The employees, in the town, enjoy the day off. So what does this have to do with global payroll? If you are managing payrolls in Italy, you must track the patron saint feast days of each of the employee’s towns for paid time off accruals. For example, the Feast of […]
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Celergo Global Payroll Founder to Present at APA Congress 2016

Michele Honomichl Panelist and Speaker at APA Congress Chicago, IL (May 1, 2016) -Celergo, a leading provider of Global Payroll Management Services, announced today their participation at the American Payroll Association Congress 2016 (May 10-14th) in Nashville, TN. Michele Honomichl, Founder, Executive Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer will participate as a panelist addressing “The State of Global Payroll: Facts, Fears, and the Future for Your Organization.” Additionally, Honomichl will be joined by Kira Rubiano, Sr. Partner Management Specialist, in presenting the following workshops Compliance Is No Longer Just Local – It’s Now Global! Michele Honomichl and Kira Rubiano Thursday, May 12 Global Payroll: Regional Focus Michele Honomichl and Kira Rubiano Friday, May 13 Shadow Payrolls Michele Honomichl Friday, May 13 “Celergo Global Payroll is pleased to be presenting at all of the above workshops this year,” stated Honomichl. “We believe education is key for companies that are expanding globally, and we are proud to support APA’s international curriculum.” Payroll professionals today are not only required to manage compliance at a local payroll level but also must be compliant with global standards including OFAC, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, European Data Privacy and much more. Michele is a subject matter expert and considered one of the foremost thought leaders in the industry. Additionally, Michele is the author of Chapter 13 of the Payroll Answer Book published by Wolters Kluwer. Both Honomichl and Rubiano are frequent contributors to Global Payroll Management Institute, where their white papers and videos can be downloaded here. About Celergo Celergo is a leading provider of Global Payroll Management Services, supporting global companies with solutions to meet their payroll needs in 140+ countries. We built core expertise in managing some of the most complicated payrolls, in the […]
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