Challenges of Receiving Global Data By Brinn

Have you ever seen a file with names spelled José, AgÃ1⁄4ero, François, or Götz ? Or in the beginning of the year seen the dates 1/4/2013 and wondered if it is January 4th or April 1st?

As a Global Company, one of the challenges we face is the accuracy of how we receive data from our clients. We need to be mindful of date, file and text formats. We have a support system that can translate, collate and format data whenever necessary.

Here are some things to consider: o Does the data have special characters? o Does the text read right to left or left to right? o Does it use commas in place of decimal points? o Is the currency supposed to be truncated? o Is the date format dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy? o Is it in the latest version of Excel? o Are you pulling data out of a legacy system that you have no control over?

Celergo has years of experience dealing with these questions, as well as managing the data securely and accurately. With a staff that speaks 28 different languages, we have global business expertise. Having an experienced IT department is critical for data security and database management. Managing global data requires experienced people who are country specific, and review everything for accuracy. Accurate data results in accurate employee payrolls.

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