Celergo would like to notify you regarding a change underway in Japan. Japan is in the process of introducing a new ID number called “My Number (Individual Number).” The Japanese government is adopting the new Social Security and Tax Number System to,

(1) Enhance the social security for those who truly need it
(2) Enhance public convenience
(3) Develop efficiency in administration

Under the My Number System, a specific number (12 digits) will be issued to each individual who has resident registration in Japan, and the number will be used for various administrative procedures. The government will start notifying residents beginning October 2015, and will start using the numbers in the areas of taxation and social security beginning January 2016.

Employers will be required to collect Individual Number not only from full-time employees but also from part-time employees and the dependent family members of those employees. The My Number System also applies to foreign nationals who have resident registration in Japan. Employers will be required to conduct identity verification when collecting an employee’s Individual Number, take organizational safety measures while keeping the numbers and adhere to strict security management when destroying information containing the numbers.

For more information about the My Number System, please refer to the website below:

Kira Rubiano, Sr. Partner Management Specialist – Europe/Asia Pac, provides Celergo alerts