The Government of Qatar has passed a law making it mandatory for private companies to pay their employee’s salaries electronically, amending some of the provisions of the Labor Law.

Law No.1 of 2015, the Wage Protection System, expressly states that employees should be paid in Qatari Riyals, in their Qatar bank accounts. The payments should also be initiated from the employer’s bank account in Qatar. Officials at the Ministry of Labor confirmed the deadline to comply with the amendments is November 2, 2015. This deadline may be extended by a resolution of the Minister of Labor. The WPS implementation will allow Qatar’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA) to create a national database. All salary payments are recorded, in the database, and will guarantee timely and full payment, as indicated in the employment contract.

Currently, those companies that are registered under the Qatar Financial Center (QFC) and Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) are not required to comply with WPS. However, this also might change in the coming months.

If the employer is not registered with QFC and QSTP, we recommend contacting your bank regarding the enrollment process in the WPS.

Submitted by Iuliana Usatii, Partner Management Specialist – Americas/Africa/Middle East