Celergo takes the complexity out of expatriate payroll administration.  We simplify the process by managing your expatriate payrolls alongside your local payrolls.

Whether your payroll is processed from a central location or within local offices, we will interface with all the contacts you specify.

Our experts handle payroll administration for your expatriate employees including:

  • Cash payments to expatriates on home, host or split payrolls
  • Support for home social security calculations
  • Calculation of host taxes (shadow payrolls)

Often we work with your relocation company, your accounting department, your benefits provider, your tax provider, or all of them.

Convenient Distributions
Our fund distribution services include payment of net pay and expense reimbursements to employees, tax and social payments to governments, and benefit providers, if necessary.

How many currencies are involved in your payroll? Does it include exotic currencies, split payments, and offshore jurisdictions?  We are the experts.

Due to our geographical reach, oftentimes our clients do not require local bank accounts, unless required by local law.

All that Paperwork
Celergo manages statutory paperwork for new hires, terminations, payroll, and year-end filings, as needed.  For your expatriate employees, we have the ability to handle the filings or coordinate with your tax preparer.

Easy Access
With the calculations in one system, reporting is simplified.  You will receive all of your reports in a consistent format, allowing you to access the necessary information more readily.  This consolidated approach allows you to retrieve highly selective data quickly and easily. Information can also be passed along to your tax provider, accountants or relocation company.  Again, it’s all about simplicity.

For more information on our expatriate employee solutions, please contact us today.