February 2012 International Holidays

Below is a list of the international holidays in February:

Country Date Holiday
Malaysia February 1 Federal Territory Day
Mauritius February 1 Abolition of Slavery
Nauru February 1 Day Following Independence Day
Rwanda February 1 National Heroes Day
Liechtenstein February 2 Candlemas
Spain February 2 Local Holiday
Mozambique February 3 Heroes’ Day
Sao Tome & Principe February 3 Liberty Martyr Day
Angola February 4 Start of Liberation War
Bahrain February 4 Prophet’s Birthday
Sri Lanka February 4 National Day
Afghanistan February 5 Mohemmed’s Birthday
Algeria February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Bangladesh February 5 Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi
Benin February 5 Maouloud
Burkina Faso February 5 Mouloud (Prophet’s Birthday)
Burundi February 5 Unity Day
Chad February 5 Maouloud-al-Nebi
Cocos February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Comoros February 5 Mouloud
Cote D’ivoire February 5 Maouloud
Djibouti February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Egypt February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Eritrea February 5 Id-Al Mewlid
Ethiopia February 5 Birth of Prophet Mohammed
Gambia February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Guinea February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Guyana February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
India February 5 Id-e-milad
Indonesia February 5 Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
Iraq February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Jordan February 5 Birthday of Prophet Muhammad
Kuwait February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Lebanon February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Libya February 5 Mouled al-Nabee
Maldives February 5 Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday
Mali February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Mauritania February 5 Mouloud (Prophet’s Birthday)
Mayotte February 5 Maulid
Morocco February 5 Prophet’s Birthday 1
Niger February 5 Mouloud*
Nigeria February 5 Id-el-Maulud (Muhammad’s Birthday)
Oman February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Pakistan February 5 Kashmir Day
Palestine February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
San Marino February 5 St. Agata
Senegal February 5 Maouloud (Prophet’s Birthday)
Sierra Leone February 5 Birthday of Prophet Muhammad
Somalia February 5 Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
Sudan February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Syrian Arab Republic February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Tanzania February 5 Maulid*
Tunisia February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
United Arab Emirates February 5 Prophet’s Birthday
Brunei February 6 Birthday of Prophet Muhammad
Fiji February 6 Prophet’s Birthday
Malaysia February 6 Prophet’s Birthday
Mexico February 6 Constitution Day
Morocco February 6 Prophet’s Birthday 2
New Zealand February 6 Waitangi Day
Grenada February 7 Independence Day
Malaysia February 7 Thaipusam
Mauritius February 7 Thaipusam Cavade
Sri Lanka February 7 Navam Poya
Slovenia February 8 Slovenian Culture Day
Lebanon February 9 St. Maroon’s Day
Iran February 10 Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday
Malta February 10 Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck
Sri Lanka February 10 Eid-ul-Milad
Cameroon February 11 Youth Day
Holy See February 11 Anniversary of Lateran Pacts
Iran February 11 National Day
Japan February 11 National Founding Day
Liberia February 11 Armed Forces Day
Mali February 11 Prophet’s Baptism
Philippines February 11 Evelio Javier Day
Myanmar February 12 Union Day
Australia February 13 Royal Hobart Regatta
Serbia February 15 Serbian National Day
Korea February 16 Kim Jong II’s Birthday
Lithuania February 16 Independence Day
Gambia February 18 Independence Day
Nepal February 19 National Democracy Day
American Samoa February 20 Presidents’ Day
Andorra February 20 Carnival
Argentina February 20 Carnival Monday
Aruba February 20 Carnival
Bolivia February 20 Carnival Monday
Brazil February 20 Carnival Monday
Canada February 20 Louis Riel Day
Curacao February 20 Carnival Day
Dominica February 20 Carnival Monday
Ecuador February 20 Carnival Monday
Guam February 20 Presidents’ Day
India February 20 Mahashivratri
Mauritius February 20 Maha Shivaratri
Nepal February 20 Maha Shivaratri
Northern Mariana Islands February 20 Presidents’ Day
Panama February 20 Carnival Monday
Puerto Rico February 20 Presidents Day
Saint Martin February 20 Carnival Monday
Sri Lanka February 20 Mahasivarathri
Trinidad & Tobago February 20 Carnival Monday
Turkmenistan February 20 Flag Day OBS
United States February 20 Presidents’ Day
Uruguay February 20 Carnival 1
Venezuela February 20 Carnival 1
Virgin Islands February 20 Presidents Day
Angola February 21 Carnival Day
Argentina February 21 Carnival Tuesday
Bangladesh February 21 Shahid/Martyrs Day
Bhutan February 21 Birthday of Fifth King 1
Bolivia February 21 Carnival Tuesday
Brazil February 21 Carnival Tuesday
Dominica February 21 Carnival Tuesday
Ecuador February 21 Carnival Tuesday
Haiti February 21 Carnival
Liechtenstein February 21 Shrove Tuesday
Panama February 21 Mardi Gras
Portugal February 21 Carnival
Saint Barthelemy February 21 Carnival Tuesday
Saint Martin February 21 Carnival Tuesday
Spain February 21 Carnival Tuesday
Trinidad & Tobago February 21 Carnival Tuesday
Uruguay February 21 Carnival 2
Vanuatu February 21 Father of Independence
Venezuela February 21 Carnival 2
Bhutan February 22 Birthday of 5th King 2
Cape Verde February 22 Ash Wednesday
Cayman Islands February 22 Ash Wednesday
French Guiana February 22 Ash Wednesday
Jamaica February 22 Ash Wednesday
Nepal February 22 Gyalbo Lhochar
Panama February 22 Ash Wednesday
Saint Lucia February 22 Independence Day
Saint Martin February 22 Ash Wednesday
Bhutan February 23 Birthday of 5th King 3
Brunei February 23 National Day
Guyana February 23 Republic Anniversary
Kyrgyzstan February 23 Motherland Defender Day
Maldives February 23 Opening of People’s Majlis
Russia February 23 Defense of the Fatherland
Estonia February 24 Independence Day
Maldives February 24 Day Maldives Embraced Islam
Kuwait February 25 National Day
Kuwait February 26 Liberation Day
Cyprus February 27 Shrove Monday (Orthodox)
Dominican Republic February 27 Independence Day
Greece February 27 Shrove Monday (Orthodox)
Spain February 28 Andalucia Day
Taiwan February 28 Peace Memorial Day

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