France – HR Legislative Update

There is an HR legislative change in France. It is in relation to the Individual Training Right (DIF) which has now changed and transferred to a Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) (Personal Training Account). Employers must inform their employees in writing about this change as soon as possible. Please note this change does not impact payroll calculations.

The purpose of the DIF was to enable any employee to establish a credit of 20 hours of training per year that could be accumulated over 6 years in the limit of 120 hours. This could benefit Employees with permanent term contracts with at least 1 year of employment as well as employees with fixed term contracts with at least 4 months of employment (continued or not over past 12 months). The employer previously held the DIF account directly. The CPF account will now be in direct access for the Employee through a dedicated website.

As of January 1, 2015, it is the employee’s responsibility (and not the employer) to connect on the link to open the CPF account. For the following years, i.e. starting 2016, the employee account will be directly fed by information included in the annual DADS return (and the future DSN program). The hours accrued over 2015 will be available March 2016. Additionally, Employers do need to keep track of the DIF hours stopped as of December 31, 2014.

Lastly, the regulation states that Employers must hold an interview/meeting with the employees on the employee-training program over the next 2 years. The employer is to propose a training program to make sure the employees obtain professional certifications from training bodies (to promote, acquire, maintain or master abilities).

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