Global US Organizations Need to Plan for Technological Communication Seams in Developing Countries By Tom

As organizations in the United States strategize about their global growth, it is important

to understand the technical landscape and the communication hurdles they may

face. While economic growth can lead the headlines with many countries that speckle

the regions of the Middle East, South America and the African Continent. In many

cases, some their infrastructure and communication capabilities may not be as bold as

those headlines.


While figures from the ICT show rapid growth in many of these areas particularly

countries such as Bahrain, Brazil, Ghana, Kenya Rwanda and Saudi Arabia there is still

much progress to be made.


How does this affect US organizations? With communications as a key driver to

successful business, whether it be conference calls, go to meetings or utilizing various

network or cloud applications. The technology in some developing countries can play a

critical role to efficient communications and ultimately success in your upcoming

projects. It is important to first “test the waters” to ensure your phone calls will not drop,

that on line meetings will stay connected and that data transmissions are efficient.

By implementing a communication strategy, US organizations can ensure their global

growth is successful and their investors will hear that loud and clear.

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