How I Take C.A.R.E of Business

Global Payroll comes in many different shapes and sizes. There is more to it than just numbers and a paycheck. It is the people who make the difference in a successful business operation and in understanding the needs of clients. Some companies have thousands of employees, are well established in their industry, and have a firm strategy for achieving their business development goals. Others have just opened their doors for business for the very first time and are seeking guidance on how to be successful.

These are things I keep in mind as an International Client Account Manager. The payroll services industry fosters a diverse business environment, not only from a geographic but also a psychographic perspective, so it is also of crucial importance to understand how to cater to the different of personality types you’ll encounter while working with clients as you seek to build solid relationships with other businesses. For example:

There is the fundamental type who clearly understands his goal and the vision he wants to achieve for his organization. These personalities are very concise and straight to the point. They want a solution to a problem without making a big fuss or long friendly conversation. It is not that they are rude they just want to get things done.

Then there is the communicative type, the larger than life kind of personality. This personality will capture your attention when they talk. Often times they like talking about themselves or ask me a question and relate it to them. They are fun people who value to be valued. Great optimism is usually a prodigious character trait displayed by these clients.

Moving on to the introverted type, these personalities’ love the numbers. They want to know every single statistic, every process detail and how it works. In other words they are very analytical. These clients will usually weigh their decisions very carefully and take their time before reaching a premature conclusion.

Lastly there is also the interpersonal type. These clients are genuinely concerned with their business or relationships maintained with others. They are very considerate and strive to sound neutral as to not offend anyone. At times they may not openly speak their mind but will tell me what they think if I ask.

There are more personality types out there than just the ones listed here but these are the main four and these can of course overlap. Understanding these personalities and how to interact with them is great way to foster a positive relationship and earning trust which can in turn lead to business generation.

But challenges in building interpersonal relationships do arise and there is often no easy way to handle them. So I apply the C.A.R.E principle which I can apply to any of the personality types my clients display.

Concentrate and listen to the person what they have to say, do not interrupt and let them finish.
Anticipate their needs from what they told you.
Repeat the information back to them and ask questions at this point.
Empathize with the situation and make sure, you will take care of the challenge.

With that in mind a challenge can be mastered in no time.

In conclusion all companies and payrolls are very unique. We at Celergo approach each and every client as such; companies are more than just a number to us. This focused approach has enabled me to understand challenges in an organization and optimize payrolls. After all a company is only as good as its people.

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