Best Practices for Creating Global Payroll Calendars

Many companies struggle with setting up pay calendars for their global operations. Typical questions they ponder include:

  • Do I need a different payroll calendar for each country?
  • Can I synchronize payroll calendars in a region?
  • Can I do it globally?
  • What is the most efficient methodology for my team?
  • What is the most compliant?
  • How do I coordinate multiple pay cycles, funding time frames, and HRIS cut-off dates?

Here are 6 steps to determining the right global payroll calendar for your company:

Step 1/6: Pull together a list of all current payroll cycles and pay dates.

Step 2/6: Review all payrolls by region to see if there is alignment by pay cycle (ex. In Europe most payrolls are monthly, while in Latin American several countries are semimonthly).

Step 3/6: Determine funding methodology. Are payroll funded globally or are they funded at the local level? What is the time frame for disbursing funds? (Example: In the United States, local payments are overnight, United Kingdom local payments require 2 days,
and in Japan local disbursements can take up to 5 days) Global payments may take longer as wires can range from one to two days to most European countries, but up to 10 days to reach Taiwan.

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