July 2012 International Holidays

Below is a list of the international holidays in July:

Country Date Holiday
Bangladesh July 1 Mid-year Bank Holiday
Burundi July 1 Independence Day
Egypt July 1 Bank Holiday
Pakistan July 1 Bank Holiday
Rwanda July 1 Independence Holiday
Somalia July 1 Independence from Italy
Suriname July 1 Freedom Day
Thailand July 1 Mid-year Bank Holiday
Botswana July 2 Sir Seretse Khama Day OBS
Canada July 2 Canada Day OBS
Chile July 2 Saints Peter and Paul OBS
Colombia July 2 Sts. Peter and Paul OBS
Curacao July 2 National Flag and Anthem Day
Ghana July 2 Republic Day OBS
Guatemala July 2 Bank Holiday OBS
Guyana July 2 Caribbean Day
Hong Kong July 2 SAR Establishment Day OBS
Cayman Islands July 2 Constitution Day
Macao July 2 Bank Holiday OBS
Venezuela July 2 Sts. Peter and Paul OBS
British Virgin Islands July 2 Territory Day OBS
Zimbabwe July 2 Heroes’ Day
Belarus July 3 Independence Day
Sri Lanka July 3 Esala Poya
Virgin Islands July 3 Emancipation Day
Zimbabwe July 3 Unity Day
American Samoa July 4 Independence Day
Guam July 4 Independence Day (U.S.)
Northern Mariana Islands July 4 Liberation Day
Puerto Rico July 4 U.S. Independence Day
Rwanda July 4 Liberation Day
United States July 4 Independence Day
Virgin Islands July 4 Independence Day
Armenia July 5 Constitution Day
Cape Verde July 5 Independence Day
Czech Republic July 5 Day of Cyril and Metodej
Algeria July 5 Independence Day
Isle of Man July 5 Tynwald Day
Iran July 5 Birthday of Imam Mahdi
Slovakia July 5 Sts. Cyril and Methodius Day
Venezuela July 5 Independence Day
Bangladesh July 6 Shab-e-Barat
Czech Republic July 6 Burning at the Stake of John Hus
Isle of Man July 6 Diamond Jubilee Celebration
Comoros July 6 Independence Day
Kazakhstan July 6 Day of the Capital
Lithuania July 6 Day of Statehood
Marshall Islands July 6 Fisherman’s Day
Malawi July 6 Republic Day
Soloman Islands July 6 Solomon Islands Independence OBS
Comoros July 7 Day after Independence Day
Tanzania July 7 International Trade Fair (Saba Saba Day)
Argentina July 9 Independence Day
Brazil July 9 Sao Paulo Regional Holiday
Palau July 9 Constitution Day
Saint Vincent July 9 Carnival Monday
Bahamas July 10 Independence Day
Saint Vincent July 10 Carnival Tuesday
Belgium July 11 Flemish Community Holiday
Kiribati July 11 Gospel Day
Mongolia July 11 Naadam
United Kingdom July 12 Battle of Boyne Day
Kiribati July 12 National Independence Day
Mongolia July 12 Naadam 2
Sao Tome & Principe July 12 Independence Day
Kiribati July 13 National Day (for Unaine)
Montenegro July 13 Montenegro National Day
Mongolia July 13 Naadam 3
Saint Barthelemy July 14 Bastille Day
France July 14 Bastille Day
French Guiana July 14 Bastille Day
Guadeloupe July 14 Bastille Day
Iraq July 14 Republic Day
Monaco July 14 French National Day
Montenegro July 14 Montenegro National Day Holiday
Saint Martin July 14 Bastille Day
Martinique July 14 Bastille Day
New Caledonia July 14 Bastille Day
French Polynesia July 14 Bastille Day
Saint Pierre & Miquelon July 14 Bastille Day
Reunion July 14 National Day
Wallis & Futuna July 14 Bastille Day
Mayotte July 14 Bastille Day
American Samoa July 16 Manu’a Islands Cession Day
Bolivia July 16 LaPaz Day
Botswana July 16 President’s Day
Brazil July 16 Our Lady of Carmo
Brunei July 16 Birthday of HM the Sultan OBS
Chile July 16 Solemnity of Virgin of Carmen
Japan July 16 Marine Day
Kiribati July 16 National Day (for Unimwane) OBS
Saint Lucia July 16 Carnival Monday
Tonga July 16 Crown Prince’s Birthday OBS
Botswana July 17 Public HolidayÂ
Lesotho July 17 King’s Birthday
Uruguay July 18 Constitution Day
Myanmar July 19 Martyrs’ Day
Nicaragua July 19 National Liberation Day
Colombia July 20 Colombian Independence Day
Maldives July 20 Start of Ramadan
Afghanistan July 21 Ramadan
Belgium July 21 National Holiday
Brunei July 21 Ramadan begins
Guam July 21 Liberation Day
Saint Martin July 21 Victor Schoelcher Day
Pakistan July 21 First Ramzan
Gambia July 22 Revolution Day
Egypt July 23 Revolution Day
Oman July 23 Renaissance Day
Papua New Guinea July 23 Remembrance Day
Swaziland July 23 Public Holiday OBS
Venezuela July 24 Bolivar’s Birthday
Vanuatu July 24 Children’s Day
Argentina July 25 Santo Patrono SantiagoÂ
Cook Islands July 25 Rarotonga Gospel Day
Costa Rica July 25 Anniversary of Annexation of Guanacaste
Cuba July 25 National Rebellion Day 1
Puerto Rico July 25 Constitution Day
Tunisia July 25 Republic Day
Cuba July 26 National Rebellion Day 2
Cuba July 26 National Rebellion Day 3
Liberia July 26 Independence Day
Maldives July 26 Independence Day
Korea July 27 Victory Day
Maldives July 27 Independence Day 2
Puerto Rico July 27 Jose Celso Barbosa’s Birthday
Faroe Islands July 28 National Day
Peru July 28 Independence Day 1
San Marino July 28 Fall of Fascist Government
Faroe Islands July 29 National Holiday
Israel July 29 Fast of Ninth of Ab
Peru July 29 Independence Day 2
Wallis & Futuna July 29 Territory Day
Morocco July 30 Feast of the Throne
Tonga July 30 King’s Birthday OBS
Vanuatu July 30 Independence Day

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