June 2012 International Holidays

Below is a list of the international holidays in June:

Country Date Holiday
Bahamas June 1 Labour Day
Cambodia June 1 International and Cambodian Children’s Day
Capa Verde June 1 Children’s Day
Kenya June 1 Madaraka Day
Macedonia June 1 Friday before Duhovden (Orthodox Pentecost)
Mongolia June 1 Mother and Child Day
Palau June 1 Presidents Day
Samoa June 1 Independence Day
Italy June 2 Republic Day
Malaysia June 2 Birthday of Yang DiPertuan Agong
Iran June 3 Birthday of Imam Ali
Uganda June 3 Ugandan Martyrs Day
Australia June 4 Foundation Day
Cayman Islands June 4 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Cook Islands June 4 Queen’s Birthday
Cyprus June 4 Pentecost (Orthodox)
Falkland Islands June 4 Queen’s Jubilee
Greece June 4 Whitmonday (Orthodox)
Guernsey June 4 Diamond Jubilee Celebration
Iran June 4 Death of Imam Khomeini
Ireland June 4 Summer Holiday
Jersey June 4 Diamond Jubilee Celebration
New Zealand June 4 Queen’s Birthday
Niue June 4 Queen’s Birthday
Romania June 4 Pentecost Monday (Orthodox)
Sri Lanka June 4 Poson Poya
Thailand June 4 Vishaka Bucha Day
Tonga June 4 Emancipation Day
Ukraine June 4 Trinity Day (Orthodox)
United Kingdom June 4 Diamond Jubilee Celebration
Denmark June 5 Constitution Day
Equatorial Guinea June 5 President’s Birthday
Guernsey June 5 Bank Holiday Observance
Iran June 5 Bloody Revolt of 15th Khordad
Jersey June 5 Bank Holiday Observance
Seychelles June 5 Liberation Day
United Kingdom June 5 Bank Holiday Observance
Australia June 6 Rockhampton Show Day
Korea June 6 Memorial Day
Sweden June 6 National Day
Austria June 7 Corpus Christi
Bolivia June 7 Corpus Christi
Brazil June 7 Corpus Christi
Croatia June 7 Corpus Christi
Dominican Republic June 7 Corpus Christi
Equatorial Guinea June 7 Corpus Christi
Germany June 7 Corpus Christi
Grenada June 7 Corpus Christi
Haiti June 7 Corpus Christi
Holy See June 7 Corpus Christi
Liechtenstein June 7 Corpus Christi
Malta June 7 Commemoration of 1919 Uprising
Monaco June 7 Fete Dieu – Corpus Christi
Poland June 7 Corpus Christi
Portugal June 7 Corpus Christi
Saint Lucia June 7 Corpus Christi
San Marino June 7 Corpus Christi
Seychelles June 7 Corpus Christi
Spain June 7 Corpus Christi
Switzerland June 7 Corpus Christi
Timor-Leste June 7 Corpus Christi
Trinidad & Tobago June 7 Corpus Christi
Isle of Man June 8 T.T. Bank Holiday
Norfolk Island June 8 Anniversary (Bounty) Day
Uganda June 9 National Heroes Day
Virgin Islands June 9 Queen’s Birthday
Congo June 10 Sovereign National Conference Day
French Guiana June 10 Abolition of Slavery
Portugal June 10 Portugal Day
Australia June 11 Queen’s Birthday
Colombia June 11 Corpus Christi
Fiji June 11 Queen’s Birthday OBS
Gibraltar June 11 Queen’s Birthday
Libya June 11 Evacuation Day
Montserrat June 11 Queen’s Birthday
Norfolk Island June 11 Queen’s Birthday
Papua New Guinea June 11 Queen’s Birthday
Russia June 11 Bridge Holiday 3
Saint Helena June 11 Queen’s Birthday
Spain June 11 Local Feast Day Virgen de la Capilla
Tuvalu June 11 Queen’s Birthday Observance
Venezuela June 11 Corpus Christi
Paraguay June 12 Chaco Armistice
Philippines June 12 Independence Day
Russia June 12 Declaration of Russian Sovereignty
Portugal June 13 St. Anthony’s Day
Falkland Islands June 14 Liberation Day
Azerbaijan June 15 National Salvation Day
Soloman Islands June 15 Queen’s Birthday OBS
South Africa June 16 Youth Day
Djibouti June 17 Lailat al Miraj (Ascension)
Iceland June 17 National Day
Indonesia June 17 Ascension of Prophet Muhammad
Iran June 17 Eid-Mabaath (Ascension)
Kuwait June 17 Lailat al Miraj
Mayotte June 17 Miradji
Oman June 17 Ascension of Prophet Muhammad
Palestine June 17 Isra’a Mera’aj Day
Somalia June 17 Ascension of Prophet Muhammad
Sudan June 17 Prophet’s Ascension
United Arab Emirates June 17 Lailat al Miraj (Ascension)
Anguilla June 18 Queen’s Birthday
Bermuda June 18 National Heroes’ Day
Brunei June 18 Lailat al Miraj (Ascension)
Cambodia June 18 Queen-Mother’s Birthday
Cayman Islands June 18 Queen’s Birthday
Colombia June 18 Sacred Heart
Seychelles June 18 National Day
Turks & Caicos Islands June 18 Queen’s Birthday
Trinidad & Tobago June 19 Labour Day
Uruguay June 19 Jose Gervasio Artigas Birthday
Argentina June 20 Flag Day
Eritrea June 20 Martyrs’ Day
Bolivia June 21 Aymara New Year
Greenland June 21 National Day
Togo June 21 Martyrs du Togo
Aland Islands June 22 Midsummer Eve OBS
Croatia June 22 Antifascist Struggle Day
Finland June 22 Midsummer Eve OBS
Sweden June 22 Midsummer Eve OBS
Aland Islands June 23 Midsummer Day OBS
China June 23 Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Day)
Estonia June 23 Victory Day/Midsummer’s Eve
Finland June 23 Midsummer Day OBS
Hong Kong June 23 Tuen Ng Day
Latvia June 23 Midsummer Eve
Luxembourg June 23 National Holiday
Macao June 23 Tuen Ng Day (Dragon Boat Festival)
Taiwan June 23 Dragon Boat Festival
Andorra June 24 St. John Baptist
Brazil June 24 Saint John Day
Estonia June 24 St. John’s Day/Midsummer’s Day
Latvia June 24 St. John’s Day
Lithuania June 24 Jonines (St. John Day)
Philippines June 24 Araw ng Manila
Spain June 24 San Juan
Venezuela June 24 Battle of Carabobo
Canada June 25 Discovery Day OBS
Canada June 25 St-Jean-Baptiste Day OBS
Croatia June 25 Statehood Day
Mozambique June 25 Independence Day
Slovenia June 25 National Day
Spain June 25 Las Palmas Day OBS
Azerbaijan June 26 Armed Forces Day
Madagascar June 26 Independence Day
Somalia June 26 Independence from UK
Djibouti June 27 Independence Day 1
Tajikistan June 27 National Unity Day
Djibouti June 28 Independence Day 2
Ukraine June 28 Constitution Day
French Polynesia June 29 Internal Autonomy Day
Holy See June 29 Sts. Peter & Paul
Italy June 29 Sts. Peter & Paul
Malta June 29 Sts. Peter & Paul Day
Peru June 29 Sts. Peter and Paul
Seychelles June 29 Independence Day
Switzerland June 29 Sts. Peter and Paul
Wallis & Futuna June 29 Sts. Peter & Paul
Brunei June 30 Mid-year Bank Holiday
Central African Republic June 30 National Prayer Day
Congo June 30 Independence Day
Guatemala June 30 Army Day
Sudan June 30 National Salvation Revolution Day


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