Working in a global community has a variety of challenges. One challenge or barrier encountered on a daily basis is communication. Communication could be the key to success or the Achilles heel of any international business. Understanding the different ways to communicate and the benefits of using different mediums of communication could vastly improve your day-to-day operations.

When considering a means to communicate the following are a few things to consider:

1. The Audience. Is this for a colleague? A Partner? Or a client? Is this to a group of people?

2. The content you are sharing.Does this have data sensitive information? Would a visual view of the information enhance your success? Is the information specific or confusing? How many people are impacted by what is being discussed?

3. The sense of urgency-Do I need are sponse on this immediately? Or can I wait until the end of the day to hear back.

4. The geographic location-Where is the person you are trying to contact? What time is that there?

5. What Language-Does the person you are trying to communicate with speak the same language as you? Does communication require translation?

6. Cultural nuisances-What do you know about the other people’s culture in regards to communication? Does it need to be straight to business or would a more personal style of communication be more effective.

7. The purpose-Am I just trying to get the information that I need. Am I trying to build a stronger relationship with other for future business?

8. Potential disaster–Is there a known issue such as anatural disaster o rmeans of communication that is known to not be functioning?

9. The relationship-What is the relationship to your audience.Have you spoken to them ever? Is this the first time that you have ever reached out to them?

As you see, there are many factors to considering a medium of communication in a global market. It is important that each time you communicate with different parties that you consider how the effective and appropriate style of communication. Having a successful plan to communicate with individuals, you work with; can be a huge advantage in a global market. In my next blog, I will outline a few mediums of communication that would fit the factors above. Stay tuned for the next article to understand the different mediums that can be used to address factors and obstacles that exist in a global market.

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