How do you standardize the world?   “You pay people accurately, on time, every time — regardless of culture, country, or crisis.” And that’s the kind of payoff that can’t be measured in euros, dollars, or dirhams”, Michele Honomichl, CEO – in Fortune Magazine June 2013.

Our goal is to support your global payroll operation by streamlining the process and providing you with the ability to access and review your data in real time.  The challenges involved in paying local employees as well as expatriate employees can be daunting; however, our global offices in Singapore, and Budapest support customers’ international payroll needs while providing the local expertise necessary for complex global payroll management.  We support our clients with people, process and technology.

These services are supported by our people, process and technology.

Our People

Celergo manages all global changes, calculations, compliance, funding and reporting.  We provide personal interaction with highly trained, multi-lingual Account Managers dedicated to delivering superior service from our global centers of excellence.  We commit to pay your employees accurately and on-time every time.

Our Process

Celergo has a standardized payroll implementation process that sets up your account for easy management, including locals, expatriates and offshore.   We manage all Gross-to-Net and Net-to-Gross payroll calculations and consolidate payroll costs into a single invoice, in a single currency.   Adherence to all necessary compliance policies including monthly and year-end tax processes are strictly enforced, along with comprehensive monthly payroll reporting supporting compliance, financial and HR needs.

Our Technology

Celergo has the ability to partner with any HRIS/ERP systems including: Workday, Ultimate, SAP, Oracle, and NuView.  We leverage technology to simplify inbound and outbound reporting (HR data in, GL’s out).  We accept payroll instructions directly into our platform.   On-demand ePayslips are supported online (where legal compliance permits).

Concerned about managing your international payroll and tax filings?  Speak with one of our global experts to assist you in determining your international payroll outsourcing needs.