Celergo Treasury, located at HQ in Deerfield, Illinois, makes tens of thousands of payments yearly on behalf of our clients to employees, ICPs, and tax agencies all over the world. Celergo sends funds to over 100 countries in over 75 different currency pairs. Last year, Celergo managed over $750M in transactions for its clients through its treasury operations. Compliance is important to Celergo, we maintain strict compliance to OFAC, Office of Foreign Asset Control and other international requirements affecting global funds transfers.

Exchange Rates

Celergo locks in the exchange rate, and thereby eliminates post transaction foreign exchange reconciliation. Once quoted, the exchange rate will not vary, which simplifies the general ledger reporting and consumption into corporate finance systems. Our rates are very competitive and since we move such large amounts of currency, they are often better than those obtained internally by our clients

Funding Options

Our clients fund Celergo in a single currency, US, GBP, or EUR. We then convert to local currency and facilitate the payment process to employees, statutory agencies, and benefit providers. We assume full responsibility for funding passing through Celergo’s Treasury Operations.