Celergo is celebrating our 10th year anniversary this year.  We ran the first payroll, with our first client, in June of 2004.  The  client is still with us today and has seen, first-hand, the evolution of global payroll.

Some of you may remember the age before the personal computer, email and the Internet.  Others, from younger generations, may not understand why we say, “dial” a phone number.  Similarly, those who joined the global payroll revolution in the last two years do not remember the days of being unable to find a local provider in Algeria, passing details via email, that local compliance was manual and tax payments often had to be done in person.

Today there are global payroll consolidation systems. Encryption has evolved to protecting data not just in flight but also at rest.  Data is housed in T3 data facilities, with critical back-up sites, to ensure continuity of business operations.  Compliance is now global with FCPA, OFAC, EU Data Protection and local compliance becoming more automated.  Companies are looking for more procedural standardization and are in the continual process of linking more and more systems together.  Cloud based HRIS is replacing traditional models and integrating with payroll on a global level. Times have changed.

Companies need to make sure they have processes in place to keep up with the constant streams of required changes (compliance) and innovation which will keep them attracting and retaining the best talent.  As companies enter the new world of complicated system integrations for Human Resources, Payroll and Finance, they need to ensure that systems are secure.  Through penetration testing, black box testing and proper profiles for access to data, companies can now ensure they have appropriate division of responsibilities as payroll updates and funds float all over the world.

Workflow is replacing standard payroll processing systems allowing companies to have greater visibility to each processing step and the risks associated with missing each deadline at their fingertips. Standardized nomenclature, consistent data flow, harmonized payroll calendars and global reporting all allow companies to be in control of their payrolls on a worldwide basis. A place they need to be to ensure adherence to financial and compliance protocols on a global basis.

From email to highly integrated system structures, the world of global payroll has changed.  When change means we have the ability to secure data, integrate multiple systems and improve the experience of our employees, then CHANGE IS GOOD.  When the world innovates enough that manual filing, hand calculations and bank upload files are concepts of the past, then CHANGE IS GREAT!

We will get there – one interface, government website, and technology upgrade at a time.



Michele Honomichl