September 2012 International Holidays

Below is a list of the international holidays in September:

Country Date Holiday
Eritrea September 1 Start of Armed Struggle
Libya September 1 Al-Fateh Revolution Day
Slovakia September 1 Constitution Day
Uzbekistan September 1 Independence Day
American Samoa September 3 Labour Day
Bermuda September 3 Labour Day
Canada September 3 Labour Day
Guam September 3 Labor Day
Monaco September 3 Liberation of Monaco
Northern Mariana Islands September 3 Labour Day
Palau September 3 Labour Day
Puerto Rico September 3 Labour Day
San Marino September 3 Foundation of the Republic
Swaziland September 3 Umhlanga (Reed Dance) Day
United States September 3 Labor Day
Vietnam September 3 National Day OBS
Virgin Islands September 3 Labour Day
Bulgaria September 6 Unification Day
Sao Tome & Principe September 6 Armed Forces Day
Swaziland September 6 Somhlolo Day
Switzerland September 6 Geneva Local Holiday
Brazil September 7 Independence Day
Marshall Islands September 7 Rijerbank (Worker’s) Day
Mozambique September 7 Victory Day
Andorra September 8 Our Lady of Meritxell/National Day
Liechtenstein September 8 Nativity of Our Lady
Macedonia September 8 Independence Day
Malta September 8 Our Lady of Victory Day
Spain September 8 Local Holiday
Afghanistan September 9 Ahmed Shah Masoud Memorial Day
Korea September 9 Founding of DPRK
Belize September 10 National Day
Gibraltar September 10 National Day
Tajikistan September 10 National Independence Day OBS
Eritrea September 11 New Year’s (Ge’ez)
Ethiopia September 11 Ethiopian New Year
Iran September 11 Martyrdom of Jaffar Sadegh
Micronesia September 11 Liberation Day
Spain September 11 Cataluna National Day
Guatemala September 14 Independence Day OBS
Nicaragua September 14 San Jacinto Fight Day
Costa Rica September 15 Independence Day
El Salvador September 15 Independence Day
Honduras September 15 Independence Day
Nicaragua September 15 Independence Day
Slovakia September 15 Our Lady of Sorrows
Mexico September 16 Independence Day
Angola September 17 National Heroes’ Day
Chile September 17 Public Holiday
Israel September 17 Rosh Hashana
Japan September 17 Respect for the Aged Day
Malaysia September 17 Malaysia Day OBS
Papua New Guinea September 17 Independence and Constitution Day OBS
Saint Kitts & Nevis September 17 National Heroes Day OBS
Chile September 18 Independence Day
Israel September 18 Rosh Hashana 2nd day
Chile September 19 Army Day
India September 19 Ganesh Chaturthi
Saint Kitts & Nevis September 19 Independence Day
Mauritania September 20 Korite (End of Ramadan)
Mauritius September 20 Ganesh Chaturthi
Armenia September 21 Independence Day
Belize September 21 Independence Day
Ghana September 21 Founders’ Day
Malta September 21 Independence Day
Bulgaria September 22 Independence Day
Japan September 22 Autumn Equinox
Mali September 22 National Day
Nepal September 22 Fulpati
Nepal September 23 Maha Astami
Saudi Arabia September 23 National Day
Bolivia September 24 Santa Cruz Day
Cambodia September 24 Constitution Day
Dominican Republic September 24 Our Lady of Las Mercedes
Guinea-Bissau September 24 Independence Day
Nepal September 24 Maha Nawami
New Caledonia September 24 French Treaty Day
Spain September 24 La Merce
Trinidad & Tobago September 24 Republic Day
Zambia September 24 Heritage Day
Israel September 25 Yom Kippur Eve
Mozambique September 25 Revolution Day
Nauru September 25 National Youth Day
Nepal September 25 Bijaya Dashmi
Israel September 26 Yom Kippur
Nepal September 26 Ekadashi
Yemen September 26 Revolution Day 1962
Belgium September 27 French Community Holiday
Eritrea September 27 Meskel
Ethiopia September 27 Meskal
Nepal September 27 Dwadashi
Czech Republic September 28 Czech Statehood Day
Marshall Islands September 28 Manit (Custom) Day
Turks & Caicos Islands September 28 National Youth Day
Korea September 29 Harvest Moon Festival Eve
Paraguay September 29 Boqueron Battle Day
Sri Lanka September 29 Binara Poya
China September 30 Mid-autumn Festival
India September 30 Half-yearly Bank Closing (September 30)
Korea September 30 Han’gawi
Korea September 30 Harvest Moon Festival Day
Nepal September 30 Triyodashi
Nepal September 30 Purnima
Sao Tome & Principe September 30 Nationalization of the Farm Day

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