Singapore Ranked First On World Bank Business Ranking

According to the 2014 annual report published by the World Bank, Singapore has been ranked the best country to do business for a ninth consecutive year. The first survey was published in 2004. This year, the World Bank report was expanded to include the second-largest business city in countries that have more than 100 million people.

The report studied 189 nations and each nation was judge by the ease in which companies and firms can operate in that
particular nation. Following closely behind Singapore is New Zealand and Hong Kong, (ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively)

Ranked 9th in 2014, the United Kingdom moved one notch up to 8th.The United States stayed at 7th.

“Ease of Doing Business” Ranking – Source: World Bank

  1. Singapore
  2. New Zealand
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Denmark
  5. South Korea
  6. Norway
  7. United States
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Finland
  10. Australia

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