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Your account manager knows you and your payroll, has industry expertise, and is dedicated to serving you.

A single point of contact for day-to-day communications makes Celergo stand out in the global payroll industry. Think of it as our way of saying your business, payrolls, and people matter to us.

You don’t reach out to a call center. You don’t rely on the luck of the draw with regards to who picks up the phone and tries to help you. You don’t get order takers.

You get a problem solver. A professional dedicated to you who knows your specific payroll. And, because he or she works with your company on a regular basis, they know who you are. They have actual experience and expertise in global payrolls and know how to get the answers you need.

And they don’t work alone; they’re part of an entire team that works behind the scenes to serve your needs – even if you never even know they’re there. Because we don’t think you should roll the dice every time you talk to us.