Unique Holidays around the World By Anna

Working in the global environment not only teaches you the global ethics in dealing with

different cultures but also opens your eyes to different everyday international aspects.

What continues to surprise me, every single day, are the differences between the

countries that I work with. One would think that living on one globe makes all of the

counties somehow similar especially when it comes to the holidays. At the beginning of

my adventure with Celergo, I was expecting to see similarities in the holidays celebrated

by different countries. I was expecting to see patterns where every country would

celebrate religious holidays such as Christmas and historic holidays such as

Independence Day– but I have learned that is not always true. Some of the international

holidays are really interesting and many have country specific cultural significance while

others are modern inventions by individuals who thought that the calendar needed

another special day. For example, on the second Monday of October, Japan celebrates

“Health and Sports Day” which is a national holiday in Japan and its purpose is to

promote all sports and active lifestyle. The first Health and Sports Day started as an

event after 1964 Summer Olympics and continues to this day, where every Japanese

school hosts its sports day or field day and promotes sports. Bermuda on the other

hand celebrates “Bermuda Day” on May 24th – and this is in fact the first day of the

season where the local residents consider acceptable to swim in the ocean. To

celebrate this special holiday Bermudians release their boats to the ocean and the

business workers wear Bermuda shorts as part of their business attire. Sounds like a

casual Friday? Not even close!

Of course, when it comes to unique holidays you do not have to travel far or visit exotic

countries. United States has had some modern innovators who did an amazing job at

creating some very outstanding holidays. One of the most interesting ones is “Talk Like

a Pirate Day” usually celebrated on September 19th and as its name suggests it

encourages everyone to use the pirate jargon. The list continues – Fun at Work Day

(January 28th), Umbrella Day (February 10th), Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (March

26th), Donald Duck Day (June 9th), and even a Star Wars Day (May 4th). No matter how

unusual a holiday may seem to you, always remember that it is special day to someone

else and this is what makes our global scene such a great piece of art.

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