Working from Home By Kishana

Being able to have a work/family balance can be very difficult now a days. Most

households have both parents working or are single family households. Being able to

fluctuate your time and maintain a healthy work relationship and also fulfill your needs at

home can be challenging. Having the ability to work from home can be rewarding. You

are able to complete your daily work while being available even if you are not in the

office. This allows you the ability to take care of a sick child, attend a doctors’

appointment or any unforeseen circumstances that may come about. Working from

home you are able to be available more than the normal time you may spend at work.

The time someone spends traveling to and from work can be used towards actually

working when at home. There can also be a downside to working remotely. It takes a lot

of discipline in order to stay focused on your work. If you lack the motivation to stay on

task, working from home would not be suitable for you. It has been debated that working

from home gives you more flexibility with your scheduling. This is not always true. When

working from home you usually put in more hours, often working longer since you do not

have to take the time to travel home or logging in outside of business hours. Being

highly productive depends on the schedule one sets for his/her self. Establishing a set

time to login, setting time for breaks (even though working from home this may not

happen), and staying on track is critical to completing assigned work/projects. Being

productive while working from home depends on the person and that person’s ability to

stay focused. It’s often more work and more self-reliance on decision making. The lack

of having other co-workers to assist can be considered a disadvantage. However, there

are many ways of communication and reaching out for assistance. There is Skype, Go-

To-Meeting, and of course phone conversations. With all these options there are plenty

of ways to reach out for help or assistance. It’s is important to stay in communication

when needed in order to know what is happening within your company. Working

remotely has its pros can cons. It’s up to you to decide if this is something you are able

to be successful with.

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