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Our entire company’s culture and history boils down to three words: Simplify. Global. Payroll.


Our History

During the late-1990s wave of corporate globalization, our founder, Michele Honomichl, launched GPSLink, which specialized in expatriate administration software. Her work with expats allowed her to see the inefficiency that plagued global payroll processing and made it difficult for companies to pay people in other countries.

Spurred by this discovery, she set out to develop a consolidated, standardized, simplified solution for paying expatriates and local employees in any country.

Celergo officially launched in 2004 from the basement of Michele’s home. With no marketing, Celergo attracted new business with major corporations only by word of mouth. Growth exploded due to a superior, fully-managed solution, focus on client needs, and willingness to manage not just the easy parts of global payroll, but also the difficult ones. In just 5 years, an initial investment of $150,000 turned into $10 million in revenue for 2009 alone.

Celergo continued to expand its global presence to include offices in Chicago, Singapore, Bogota, and Budapest, extending its capability to process payroll in 140+ countries. Recruiting experienced professionals helped Celergo gain additional advantages in understanding global business issues, as well as the cultural diversity and awareness needed to work with client personal, third party vendors, and government officials in countries around the world. Having a dedicated staff that can speak and translate documents in 45 languages doesn’t hurt, either.

The right mix of people, process, and technology has twice gained the company recognition as one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine, as well as six-time recognition as one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For™ in Chicago and the United States. It has also attracted amazing partnerships with major HCM vendors, as well as top management consultancies, relocation experts, and strategic advisors. One partner, Ultimate Software, even gave Celergo its 2015 Innovation Partner of the Year award.

While Celergo has experienced impressive growth and managed payrolls for hundreds of companies, we have never lost our original focus on making payroll as simple for clients as possible. From our people and capabilities, to our technology and service, everything we develop, and all we invest in, has that drive in mind. Because that’s the Celergo Solution.

Our Vision

The simplest global payroll. The happiest clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have the happiest clients in the industry because we’ve given them the simplest, most hassle-free global payroll experience they can find.

We won’t sit still until they can do payroll in every country in the world and it feels like they’re only doing it in one country.

We will continue to listen to their feedback, so we can make the process even more convenient, transparent, secure, and systematized than we already have.

And we won’t stop, because it’s a big, complex world. But it doesn’t have to be. Not for our customers.

Core Values

The hunger for knowledge needed to create forward-thinking solutions.
The relentless drive needed to power through complexity.
The dynamic flexibility needed to deliver the best service.
The international awareness needed to serve a diverse global audience.
The caring humanity needed to build collaborative partnerships.

Community Involvement

As a business that receives so much from the global community, we see it as our duty to give back to that community, too. Celergo commits to driving positive change in the world and empowering people to transform their lives. Through team events at all of our worldwide offices, we collaborate to raise funds for various charities and events, including:

Community Involvement

Our Name, Brand Mark and Logotype

The name Celergo (pronounced sa-lehr-go) combines the Latin words ‘celer’ meaning ‘swift’, and ‘rego’ meaning ‘administer’ and ‘wage’. The various shapes in our logo represent the diverse sizes and color palette of international currency.


Our Tagline

Payroll. Wherever you go. Our tagline speaks to the value we provide. It sums up our truly global capabilities, which continue to expand. It embodies our superior service, our fully-managed network, and our relentless commitment to serving customers wherever they might have payrolls.