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We built Celergo on the strength of our technology and our service. And we continue to succeed by leveraging this unique combination into the best customer experience available in the global payroll universe. That’s our focus. And our promise. The best experience available. And the simplest payrolls. Period.

We know our roots and what makes us the best in the industry. We’re not just a technology company – though we’ve developed proprietary, industry-leading software to power our process. And we’re not a bare-bones provider with some service sprinkled on top. We’re focused on getting the job done right, from top to bottom, one payroll at a time.

Every dollar invested, every person hired, every process created, every technology developed must support our mission: to have the happiest clients in the industry because we’ve given them the simplest, most hassle-free global payroll experience they can find.

We hail from the service side of major corporations, such as ADP, Ford, Merck, McDonalds and Allstate. We learned how to bring best-in-class technology and customer service into a global organization that values excellent account management, high client satisfaction, proven escalation capability, and concrete business continuity plans for those geopolitical situations that seem ever-present these days.

We realize paying people across borders and across oceans is a complex undertaking. But we believe it doesn’t have to be. Not for our customers. We designed a comprehensive service for you that defeats complexity by giving you:

Payroll is our expertise. Local, offshore, and expatriate. In 140+ countries and counting. That’s where we got our motto: Payroll…wherever you go…Celergo.

We look forward to working with you, and growing in this world together.

— The Celergo Leadership Team