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Expats require special treatment that most payroll companies don’t understand. At Celergo, expats are in our DNA.

Celergo was founded in 2004 as an expatriate payroll service, and that legacy continues to be an important part of the value we bring to our clients. Celergo is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in expatriate payroll issues. We have identified over 50 unique expat payroll configurations and are able to consult with clients on which will work best for them.

Whether your payroll is processed from a central location or within local offices, we will interface with them and get the job done. Our consolidated processing and reporting will provide greater visibility and control, helping you streamline your process. We’ll ensure proper calculation of home and host/shadow payrolls, as well as manage and deliver multiple foreign currencies into multiple accounts.

And, where our competitors can only pay into local accounts tied to the local payroll, we can pay in the home country and host country. Due to our geographical reach, oftentimes your employees do not even require local bank accounts, unless required by local law.

Expatriate compensation packages may require cash delivery in the home, host or in both locations, which compounds tax filing and payment requirements, as well as social program contributions and benefit deductions. Due to this complexity, a lot of our competitors won’t touch expat payroll. They don’t have the expertise – or the will – to execute globally.

But we don’t avoid something just because it isn’t easy. No, we want to take the complexity out of expatriate payroll administration by managing them alongside your local payrolls. Because that’s the Celergo Solution.