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You give us the funds in your preferred currency. We take care of the rest. Foreign exchange. Disbursements. Payment of taxes. And more.

With Celergo as your single funding source you can pay employees, authorities, and third parties in multiple local currencies. Every year, our in-house treasury team makes over $800 million in payments on behalf of our clients all over the world. We can make payments in 96+ different currencies, and we do all of it with strict compliance to Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) regulations and other international requirements that affect global funds transfers.


Competitive rates. Easier reconciliation.
Our high volume of transfers allows us to negotiate competitive rates, often better than those obtained individually by our clients. And by locking in the exchange rate, we eliminate post-transaction foreign exchange reconciliation. Once quoted, the exchange rate will not vary, which simplifies the general ledger reporting and reduces the burden on corporate finance systems.

Many funding options. And full responsibility.
Our clients fund Celergo in a single currency: US dollars, British pounds, or Euros. We then convert to local currency and handle payments to employees, statutory agencies, and benefit providers. Since we’re the ones doing it, we take full responsibility for funding that passes through Celergo’s treasury operations.