EMPLOYER ALERT: Singapore – CorpPass – What You Need to Know

EMPLOYER ALERT- Singapore – CorpPass - What You Need to Know

By Kira Rubiano

A major development is underway in Singapore that impacts all employers. Singapore Corporate Access (or CorpPass) is a one-stop authentication and authorization service, for corporate users to transact with government agencies online on behalf of their organizations.

CorpPass will be required…

…for all local entities with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and for foreign entities who wish to access Government-to-Business (G2B) digital services in Singapore. Individuals and local entities without a UEN will continue using their SingPass to transact with the Government. From December 2017, CorpPass will be the required login method for G2B online transactions. IRAS’ digital services will be made available from mid-2018. This CorpPass will be necessary to carry out the needed monthly CPF and Annual Payroll Submissions.

As an employer, you need to have a Local Registered Officer in your organization register with CorpPass and then elect them as a CorpPass Administrator. A Local Registered Officer is the business owner, partner, director, board member or corporate secretarial. There is a maximum of two administrators per entity. The appointed CorpPass Administrator begins by registering for a CorpPass Administrator account on the CorpPass Website. Upon registration, the entity’s Local Registered Officer will be notified that he/she is required to approve this request. Once the account has been approved by the Local Registered Officer, the CorpPass Administrator may create CorpPass accounts and access to digital services. CorpPass Users will need to activate their account by setting up their CorpPass ID and password in order to transact on behalf of their business.

As your payroll provider is authorized to process your payroll and do the relevant statutory submissions, most likely they will request that they are registered as an authorized CorpPass Administrator on your account. Obtain your Payroll Provider’s UEN Details. Effective December 2017, CorpPass will be the required login method for G2B online transactions.

Here are the required steps to authorize a CorpPass Administrator:

  1. Please arrange for local personnel to register as a CorpPass Administrator. The appointed Administrator must be in Singapore, have the Singpass account and mobile number ready.
    i) Click on the link https://www.corppass.gov.sg/cpauth/login/homepage?TAM_OP=login
    ii) Enter the Company UEN. Create your user access name and password. For login purposes, all 3 fields must be present.
  2. Upon the creation of User Access, please select the entity’s services required under e-Services Access:
  3. Under Third Party Tab, please authorize our organization for the above services.

Please visit below sites for additional CorpPass information:


CorpPass FAQ by Singapore Government


If you have already registered for CorpPass, please let your payroll provider know. For further details or if you have questions about global payroll in Singapore please contact us, we are here to help. We even have a local Singapore service center of excellence!



**This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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