Germany – HR Legislative Update

There is an HR legislative update in Germany. Going forward there is now an obligation by employers to record working times for special employees. They must record the start time, end time and lengths of the employee’s work. Please see below, for those employees this regulation is applicable. The records have to be made, at the latest, 7 days after the actual performance of work; and, have to be kept on the file for at least 2 years.

The obligation to record the working time applies as follows:
1. Minijobber (employees that earn less than 450 EUR/month)
2. Employee on Assignment (means that a company “hires” an employee who is working at another company. This employee is handled like every other employee who is working at the other company)

And also for all employees of the following industries:
1. Construction
2. Catering and hotel industry
3. Passenger transport sector
4. Freight forwarding, transportation and related logistics industry
5. Fairground Amusements
6. Forestry companies
7. Building cleaning industry
8. Companies that participate in the assembly and dismantling of fairs and
9. Meat industry

If your employees fall under the above categories, please note you must start keeping records of time sheets going forward.

The regulation can be found at the following link.

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