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And there’s no other company that does it quite like we do. Because the Celergo Global Payroll Solutions ensure every part of the global payroll process is under control, on time, and accurate.

How? We have the only fully-managed, well-organized process in the global payroll industry. From standardized data management to calculations, compliance filings to consolidated reporting – and everything in between.

Enter your employee info and pay changes as needed. Review and approve your payroll register. Send us your funds. And we do the rest. In short, we make the complexities of global payroll our responsibility, not yours. Our comprehensive scope of services includes:


In addition to comprehensive services for local payrolls, our expertise includes expatriate and offshore payrolls, as well. We even support M&A activities, acquisitions, and divestures. With greater fiscal controls and the ability to review your data in real time, you’ll not only have greater visibility into the global payroll processes, but also reduce costs and risk. That’s the Celergo Solution.