Offshore Payroll Considerations for Growing Multinational BusinessesFor companies that operate all over the world — many of which have thousands of employees to manage — keeping track of internal business can be a challenge in and of itself. One big reason is the way human capital management (HCM) services have evolved, with different areas of employee management entrusted to different arms of the company, each with different goals and ideal workflows. The upshot is that many companies suffer from an efficiency bottleneck where their HR software meets their payroll pipeline — two areas of employee management that seem intrinsically linked, but which generally use different systems regardless.

More and more businesses are opting to integrate HR and payroll structures, hoping to see major gains in efficiency in return. The rewards for streamlining the business’s HR software pipeline can be great, but only if the change is implemented properly by management that knows exactly what they want to get out of the transition.

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