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Founded in 2004, Celergo, an ADP company, provides a unique combination of technology and services to global employers with employee populations in three or more countries. With capabilities to execute payroll compliantly in 140+ countries, Celergo serves over 200 clients from Fortune 100 companies in dozens of countries to small and mid-size companies and those just embarking on their global expansion. Our mission, at its core, is to create the happiest clients and the simplest payrolls.

Why choose Celergo for your global payroll needs?  about.overview.infographic

The main advantage of working with Celergo is simplicity. Our technology and process make doing payroll in many countries look and feel like just one country.
How do we do it? We pioneered global payroll outsourcing while handling the most complicated payrolls in the world. Along the way, we created a comprehensive three-tiered solution:

Fully Managed
Make the complexities of international payroll our responsibility. Not yours.

    • A Truly Global Network. We have the local expertise and relationships needed to process your payrolls on time and accurately in 140+ countries. No more vendor headaches. And only one contract, system, and invoice.
    • In-House Treasury Services. Use a single mechanism to pay in multiple local currencies – employees, regulatory and tax authorities, third parties – and enjoy the convenience of a foreign exchange integrated into your payroll process.
    • Expatriate Payroll Administration. Our business was built on expat services, so we’re experts in managing them alongside your local payrolls. Consolidated processing and reporting gives you greater visibility, controls, and streamlining.

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Tech Powered
Get security, simplicity, and visibility, all from one cloud-based payroll platform: CelergoGlobalConnect™.

  • One Register Format. Every country has the same workflow-driven process and register format. Easily see steps taken, compliance filings, actions required, and payment details, so you never miss a deadline.
  • Seamless Integration. Your company invested a lot of time and resources in your HR system. We’ve built CGC to work with it, so payrolls require minimal user administration and have maximum efficiency.
  • Relevant Reports. Standard templates built to client specs, plus the ability to generate custom reports, means you have the data you want at the push of a button, great for auditing and analysis.
  • Data Security & Integrity. We’ve worked with large financial institutions, meeting or exceeding some of the most stringent requirements in the world. So our standards are so rigorous, even bankers approve.
  • Learn more about CelergoGlobalConnect™.

Service Backed
Let our committed team of experts ensure all your local, offshore, and expatriate payrolls run smoothly.

    • One Point of Contact, One Call Away. You’ll have a single day-to-day account manager and an account team with deep industry experience, so you’re always dealing with someone who knows you, your specific payrolls, and how to find solutions.
    • Global Team. Global Experience. You’re supported by a culturally aware team that speaks 45+ languages and hails from around the world, allowing us to provide the international expertise and translation capabilities you need.
    • International and Available. Our four international service centers, positioned to cover all the world’s time zones, allow for regional support where you need it, when it’s needed.
    • No mere order takers. Passion for global payroll and customer service isn’t something we pay lip service to. We’ve baked it into our DNA by building a team that cares and is dedicated to meeting your challenges.

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