Sorry you Cannot be Processed Without Providing Your Race

Within US culture and social norms, this statement could be the impetus for outrage. Where is it legally mandated to provide one’s race? One’s initial reactive reply to this question would be…nowhere! However, the correct reply would be…South Africa. You see race is a requirement in order to process payroll in South Africa. South African apartheid history is still fairly recent and the country’s labor laws reflect a strong equity policy. The government sets certain targets (always changing) of the various percentages of different race and gender groups that a company should employ.

The racial categories include:

  • African (Black)
  • Coloured (refers to an ethnic group of people who possess some degree of sub-Saharan ancestry, but not enough to be considered Black under South African law.)
  • Indian / Asian
  • White

Every country has fascinating facts. And South Africa is a beautiful and fascinating country!

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