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Seeking global, knowledgeable and accurate? We speak your language.

We cannot walk into our service centers, they are purely operational; however, we like the way you brought in the language point – we speak 45+ languages. Walk into one of our service centers and you’ll hear relationships being built in French, Italian, Chinese, and every other language spoken in the 140+ countries where we provide global payroll services. That translates to a single-solution approach for all of your payroll needs. One person will handle your day-to- day communications. No matter where in the world you do business, the simplicity of one contract, one system and one invoice is all yours.

At Celergo, one voice is the only choice. There are no call centers. You speak with the same expert each time you need assistance. Your account manager will deliver continuity and compliance across the board — across the globe. That means you get the answers you need in the universal language of payroll: under control, on time, and accurate.